How Can I Get My Man Back?

Get My Man BackHow can I get my man back? That is the question millions of women have been asking themselves and their friends since the start the start of time. Who knows why your man left, sometimes it’s tricky to try and figure it out. For men leave you hanging and with out a clue. Just because you lost your man, it may not be over. It does not mean that you have lost him forever. This is not going to happen over night, it will take some time and that all depends on how you lost your man. So lets answer your question how can I get my man back.

First off you must determine if you even have a chance to get back with your man. Even if your ex has moved on, you still may have a chance. If the relationship ended on good terms, you can use that to your advantage. This is your way of getting your foot back in the door. Now you may have ended it on good terms, but maybe you never said we should be friends. So think about something you both had in common, I mean that you two were die hards about. It could be from antique cars to a football team. E-mail or text him and only talk about that nothing more, nothing less. Yours and his favorite past time is going to get you in.

Keep it friendly and do not bring up rekindling the flame just yet, for it’s way too early. This is a guaranteed way to keep him in your life and thinking about you. Now if you cheated, be prepared to do whatever it takes to prove your love. Also you must be ready to jump through hoops. It will seem like a pain, proving yourself to your man, but if you want to “get my man back” you better be prepared. As some time goes on you can loosen the leash and hopefully get back to where you were when you first met.

One thing to remember is that you don’t lost yourself and who you are while trying to get your man back. Yes you will find yourself doing things you wouldn’t normally do, but at the same time be reasonable. Also do not act desperate; do not act like he is the end all of be all.

If you follow what I have written, you will be on the right track to “get my man back”.
When you do get him back, remember how you felt when you lost him and make sure you don’t do what you did again. But if you did nothing and he just left you, there is no way to feel, but if he does it again, don’t try to get him back. Just let him be.

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